Hi bloggers! Instead of introducing myself and my blog to you directly, I decided to do it in a question-and-answer form. Hope you enjoy.

Q: Hello there! Would you mind if we ask you to introduce yourself to us?

Flipping through pages of Trese.A: I'm Rollie, also known as Double R, living in Philippines. I've just turned 24 last month (February 2013) and I graduated last year (2011)with a Civil Engineering degree. I do the 3Rs: Read, Rate and Review.

Q: So you call it 3Rs then. Let's start with Read. What is the history of your reading obsession?

A: Well, to answer your question, I think I have a lame reading foundation. One day, I woke up and decided to borrow a chicklit novel from my friend which she was really hooked with during that time. Mind you, I didn't know what chicklit was before. Unfortunately/Fortunately, I enjoyed it a lot that the books by the same author seemed to induced me to buy them, and so I did. Well, that was the beginning of my reading hobby. Unfortunately, I consider it lame because I've just realized how inappropriate those books for me have become. Nevertheless, those books in a way helped me realize how matured I'm now in picking books. However, I wouldn't be shocked if someday I'll be reading the same genre again because I want to become a multi-genre reader which I think is still too far to happen and it includes looking back to the genre that first molded me as a reader. And FYI, the first book I've read was The Shining by Stephen King but I didn't get obsessed with it

Q: Expectacular development indeed--learning the status of your reading growth. So, if you consider chicklit books as lame and inappropriate for you, what genre are you currently into that makes us conclude as appropriate for you?

A: Oh. You're not really getting this right. I didn't mean chicklit to be lame but the books I'd read instead. Fine, in a way yes because they're chicklit. Just imagine this, a guy who got hooked on chicklit, considering the fact that this genre was his starting point, is an awkward fact. But oh, am I pertaining to myself? A perfect genre for me to start with is horror/fantasy then comes later the other genres such as chicklit, classic, etc. Unfortunately, it didn't happen to me. Wait, I'm not ashamed that I've read those.

 Anyway, I'm now into sci-fi books.

Q: Ooh! So Sci-fi is what you consider as APPROPRIATE genre for you, then? So under this genre, what books do you think are appropriate for you? I mean what books got you hooked into under this genre?

A:  Whatever! I love this genre because under it are my all-time favorite books. First on the list is Ender's Shadow; second is Speaker for the Dead, and then Dune. Main reason that I came loving those books because they have very likeable characters.

Q: I believe they're great books. Before I forget, let's come to the second R of your 3Rs--Rate. So how do you rate a book?

A: Rating a book is a decision that I'm really struggling with. However, I rate my books as how Goodreads classifies them. 1-I didn't like it; 2-It was okay; 3-I like it; 4-I really liked it; and 5-It was amazing.

Q: So let's come to the third R. How do you review?

A: I find it very hard to review a book. Swear! Why? Because right after I finish a certain book, I come to adopt the mood and tone of the book. My way of reviewing is just the same as others. Introduction, Summary, Body of review and conclusion or to whom would I recommend the book. Mostly, the body of the review answers the question why did I like it or why didn't I like it. But there's one question that I really want to try someday: why should I bash it?

Q: So there your 3Rs go. Let's move to your blog. Why Blotted Pages?

A: Okay, I'd been waiting for this question since my previous blog name was senseless. Why Blotted Pages? But I want to be asked first why Blotted. Well, simply because blot represents pen and writing. And why Pages? It's because it represents books. Summing up, it's writing about books.

Q: How did you come up with the blog title

A: Didn't I answer it already? Well, additional history of the blog name, the title wasn't supposed to be mine. First, I didn't intend to make a new blog until one day, a friend asked me a suggestion of a blog name. I came up with this. Unfortunately, he rejected it and owned it instead to make a new blog.

Q: Great! I'm really glad that you shared those information to us after concealing it for so long. I hope you and your blog will go farther ahead blotting some pages. So Rollie, Blot a Page for us!