Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Book Review: The Emperor's Blades by Brian Staveley

Title:         The Emperor's Blades
Author:   Brian Staveley
Genre:      Epic Fantasy
Rating:     ★ ★ ★ ★


Look for a target.  Notch the bow. Aim. And release the arrow. This book did hit me but the last time I checked, I’m sure it just nearly got me bulled eye. With my run-on read-a-thon of Epic Fantasy Novels, it occured to me that I might just had fatigue that affected how I gave impression on books I read. However, as a reader I believe we have our own valid reasons why our rating ascends or descends.

Well entertaining when it comes to entertainment but has flaws when it comes to perfection. I am badly dismay to know that the main characters are way older than I thought. Obviously, the cover of the book may have yelled at me already of how they are depicted. With all the gods and goddesses of this book, I pray that you already figured out my sentiment. Spare Adare’s character, for the Author stressed out how matured she was than her younger brothers. Valyn and Kaden are characters for me who were really hard to get into despite the fact that almost all of the book has their own point of views. The characters were so distant to me that affected how I presumed their ages. Furthermore, I, myself find the characters lacked of emotion and showed less internal character development even though the author ,sort of, insisted it.

Characters, histories and places were thrown out at ramble which made me neglect them. They weren’t introduced neatly and gradually, instead were overlapped by another wave of new names, histories and such. On the other hand, Emperor’s blade promises a breathtaking story and page turner one. It has an admirable world building that offers extraordinary utopia. My concerns are just minor because judging it as a whole, it’s really a good book to read.

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